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Hate ads? Need support? Ready for one-stop keto help?

Introducing your supportive, ad-free keto resource…

Wholesome Yum Plus products


Ad-free keto website + mobile app, dedicated keto support, keto ebooks, and more!

Erica meal plan mobile app testimonial

"This membership is worth its weight in gold! I can store my favorite recipes all in one place and know exactly where to find my free printable goodies.

The ad-free site made a huge difference but all of the extra perks make it very appealing. I love the Facebook group, the timely responses from Maya and team and am really happy to be part of this. As a bonus, I have lost 61lbs this year following mostly Wholesome Yum recipes! You all are life savers!!!" -Erica

All the keto info out there can be overwhelming...

πŸ€” Thousands of keto recipes…

But they have ads all over the place

And who knows which recipes actually work?

πŸ€” So many articles… but some of the info is conflicting

πŸ€” Different macro calculators… with different results

πŸ€” All kinds of products labeled keto… but which ones taste good?

Wouldn't it be convenient to have everything you need in one place?

There's an easier way...

You don’t have to search all over the internet to get delicious keto recipes and answers!

steak sliced with broccoli
keto chaffle sandwich
slice of chocolate keto cake with berries Detail: the-best-keto-chocolate-cake-recipe-3
Cathy Plus testimonial

"I took the plunge for the ad-free membership to this website. It’s a game changer. Not only do I get the ad-free web access, which makes the site a joy to use, but lots of extras and a members-only area with so many hints, tips and good advice! So glad I signed up. This really is one of the best sites for low carb and keto lifestyles." -Cathy

With Wholesome Yum Plus, you'll get:

Wholesome Yum Plus mobile app with recipe categories shown

Ad-Free Mobile App For Apple And Android

Keto goes wherever you do! Wholesome Yum Plus comes with a fully mobile-friendly app you can access on your smartphone or tablet.
View your favorite recipes, leave comments, check recipe videos, and even convert sweeteners... all without ads!

Wholesome Yum Plus shown on phone and laptop

Premium Ad-Free Website Experience

That's right, no advertisements on the web, too! With Wholesome Yum Plus, you'll get exclusive access to over 500 keto recipes and resources completely ad-free... all totally accessible from any of your devices!

Perks of the ad-free website:

  • Easier to read
  • No distractions
  • Loads much faster!

Favorites view on Easy Keto App next to plate of keto foods

Save Your Favorite Recipes

Found a delicious keto recipe you don't want to lose? Tap the heart icon to instantly add it to your personal favorites folder for easier access.

Favorites sync across all your devices!

Keto Candy Guide

HIGH-VALUE EBooks or Printable Every Quarter

Every 3 months, we'll create a special resource for Wholesome Yum Plus members! This quarter's printable is a keto candy guide with recipes, a breakdown on safe (and not so safe) ingredients, and sweet treats you can make at home.

Other printables include exclusive recipes, printable lists, cheat sheets, tips and tricks, and more. The topics will be a surprise (like getting a surprise gift every quarter!), but always be focused on making keto easier.

You'll get the one shown here right away when you sign up!


Dedicated Keto Support Community

Get private & dedicated help, support, and community for your keto lifestyle! Join other like-minded ketovers in our private Facebook community, exclusive for Wholesome Yum Plus members.

Maya and other keto experts on her team will personally answer every question you have! We'll help if you're stuck, need recipe help, celebrate your success, and everything in between.

Almond flour and keto sweeteners on rainbow background

Permanent Discount on Keto Ingredients

Get permanent discounts on popular keto ingredients:
  • Keto sweeteners (monk fruit, erythritol and allulose)
  • Super fine blanched almond flour
  • Organic coconut flour
...And more coming soon! These are used in hundreds of keto recipes on Wholesome Yum, and you'll get access to the best quality, for less.

Save 15% on keto ingredients at Wholesome Yum Foods - with the savings on just one order (2 items), your Plus Membership can pay for itself!

We'll also work with other keto-friendly brands to get you exclusive discounts.


Support The Keto Recipes You Love

Did you know that the average keto recipe on Wholesome Yum takes over 12 hours to create? It involves research, recipe development, photography, videography, writing, and tons of market research to ensure exceptional quality and that it makes it to a place where you'll actually see it in search results and on social media. Informational articles often take longer, as we do extensive research with scientific references.

With Wholesome Yum Plus, you help support the content you love - and I can't thank you enough!

Cookware, keto ingredients, and cookbook on white background

Monthly Giveaway

As a Wholesome Yum Plus member, you'll get automatically entered into our giveaway every month, for a chance to win keto-related prizes!

These may be keto ingredients, cookbooks, gift cards, and more.

Your chances of winning are great, because this giveaway is exclusive to Plus members!

plate of oven baked chicken legs Detail: easy-crispy-baked-chicken-legs-drumsticks-recipe-8
plate of keto beef stroganoff Detail: low-carb-keto-ground-beef-stroganoff-recipe-with-cream-cheese-37
keto strawberry shortcake in a jar Detail: keto-strawberry-shortcake-recipe-in-a-jar-22
keto jambalaya in dutch oven

These keto recipes get millionS OF views per month...

With millions of monthly visits and tens of thousands of 5-star reviews,

Wholesome Yum keto recipes and resources are tried and true:

Chef salad recipe in a bowl with dressing on the side
bowl of butter chicken recipe
About Maya

Meet Maya...

Hey, friend! My name is Maya - I'm the author and photographer of the keto recipes at Wholesome Yum.

I've been following a low carb lifestyle for over a decade. But when I started, I was both unsatisfied and overwhelmed with the options out there for keto eating.

Since 2015, I’ve been creating my own keto recipes (with incredibly high standards from my picky husband and little kids), and in 2020 I launched a line of keto products to give you (and myself!) the quality keto ingredients that meet my high standards for both taste and clean ingredients.

I’ve learned a lot over the past decade and am glad to share it with you! With Wholesome Yum Plus, you’ll get all my keto resources and recipes without the distraction of ads, dedicated support from my team and me, frequent printables, and more.

Get Wholesome Yum Plus

Get all the keto resources and recipes you love, faster than ever, with premium keto support and bonuses

…all for the cost of just a cup of coffee!




(15% off)


(35% off)

*Quarterly and annual plans are billed as one payment. Cancel anytime, no hassle. All prices in USD.


The free content on Wholesome Yum is not going anywhere. My keto recipes and articles will be forever free for the millions of readers that visit every month. It brings me so much joy to be able to offer that!

The free content is made possible with advertisements, but there’s a trade off – they get in the way and slow down the website. Besides, recipes and articles are great, but it would be impossible for me to provide individual support to millions of readers.

That’s why I created Wholesome Yum Plus. If you know you’re dedicated to a low carb lifestyle and want dedicated support, or if you visit Wholesome Yum frequently and hate the ads, then Wholesome Yum Plus is for you. You’ll get an ad-free experience for all the recipes and articles on the website, a dedicated support group where we’ll personally answer every question, and other bonuses, including quarterly printables or ebooks, monthly giveaways, and more. Thank you so much for your support!

As a Wholesome Yum Plus member, you’ll have NO advertisements on:

* The entire website

* The Easy Keto App by Wholesome Yum on your smartphone or tablet

When you sign up for Plus, you’ll get a username and password. Simply login to your account on for ad-free browsing.

You can access it ad-free anywhere – on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The mobile app will automatically be ad-free once you sign up for Wholesome Yum Plus. You don’t have to do anything.

Your Wholesome Yum Plus membership comes with a brand new printable resource every quarter – and you’ll get your first one as soon as you sign up.

These may include recipe ebooks, exclusive recipes, printable lists, cheat sheets, tips and tricks, charts, meal plans, and so on.

The topics will be a surprise (like getting a surprise gift every quarter!), but will always be focused on making keto easier.

We also welcome any requests for these resources if you have ideas for what would be useful for you!

This isn’t just another group. While I love our general Wholesome Yum community, we have over 170,000 members in it, and there would be no way for me to give each person individual support.

The Wholesome Yum Plus community is different – you’ll get a personal response from me or my small team of keto experts for everything you post. It’s much more dedicated help – and since everyone in the group is a Plus member, we’re all serious about the low carb lifestyle… with people at all points of the journey, from newbies to seasoned low-carbers!

The support community for Wholesome Yum Plus will be accessed via Facebook, so you must have an account there. It’s completely private, so no one except the group members will be able to see anything you post.

You’ll get instructions to join the group once you sign up. Can’t wait to see you in there!

Your permanent 15% discount on keto ingredients applies to all products at, including:

  • Keto sweeteners (monk fruit, erythritol and allulose)
  • Super fine blanched almond flour
  • Organic coconut flour

These are some of the most popular ingredients in Wholesome Yum keto recipes, and more ingredients are coming soon.

We’ll also work with other keto-friendly brands to get you discounts on other keto-friendly items.

There is never any obligation to buy any products – the discounts are simply a perk of your Wholesome Yum Plus membership.

You don’t have to do anything to enter the monthly giveaway – you get an automatic entry just for being a Plus member!

Prizes will vary each month, but may include keto ingredients, cookbooks, gift cards, and more. They will always be relevant to your low carb membership.

We’ll announce the giveaways in the private group and via email.

While I think you’re going to love Wholesome Yum Plus, if you decide it’s not for you, I understand. You can cancel anytime with just a few clicks in your Members Area – or by emailing us if that’s easier.

I stand behind everything I offer, so like all my digital products, there is a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like it and want to cancel within 7 days, we’ll refund your payment.

(Payments are non-refundable after 7 days, but you can still cancel anytime to stop future payments.)

Yes! You can see details on how to redeem on this page.

If you have any additional questions about Wholesome Yum Plus, please contact us at

Money Back Guarantee


I'm confident that you'll love Wholesome Yum Plus! But if it's not as promised, contact us within 7 days to get a refund. You can also cancel anytime after that, no strings attached.

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