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Welcome to Easy Keto Meal Plans – delicious, custom keto meal plans to make keto easy!

How To Download Or Access The Wholesome Yum App

To get started, download the app on your smartphone or tablet using the buttons below, or use the last button to access the web app on your computer (no download required).

download on the App Store

The Wholesome Yum App Meal Plan in 4 Easy Steps

The tutorial steps below that will walk you through the app’s features.


On mobile, tap the Meal Plan item in the bottom navigation to see your curated meal plan for the week. You can adjust this to your liking in the following ways…

easy keto app tutorial GIF

Pick individual or family. Toggle the switch at the top left to alternate between one person or a family of 4.

(This just changes the recipes in the pre-filled plan, but you can scale recipes to ANY number of servings!)

Pick your week. The default date is the current week, but you can use the arrows next to the calendar view to select a past week if you were subscribed before this week, or the following week if it’s after Thursday. (Next week’s plan is released every Thursday.)

EasyKetoAppTutorial additems

Add recipes or foods to your plan. Use the “+” circle to add more recipes to your plan, or add individual foods (such as an avocado or some nuts, if you want to track them but are not using them in a full recipe).

EasyKetoAppTutorial createleftovers

Create leftovers, drag and drop, or remove items. Swipe right on any recipe or food in your plan to:

Move it to another meal (such as from breakfast to lunch) or to another day of the week

Create leftovers (your automatic grocery list in the app will take this into account!)

Delete an item you don’t like

Alternatively, use the pencil in the top right corner to enter edit mode. This will activate the ability to drag-and-drop or delete via icons.

EasyKetoAppTutorial trackmacros

Track your macros automatically. As you make changes to your meal plan, your macros automatically calculate for you! You’ll be able to see if you have room to add things, and the circles will turn red if you’re over on anything.

On desktop, you can also easily customize your plan. Navigate recipes in the “Browse Recipes” section on the right, and drag and drop into your plan as needed.

The desktop web app has all the same functionality of macros, leftovers, and customization.

Easy Keto Meal Plans Drag & Drop

Step 2: Use The Automatic Grocery List To Buy Groceries

Easy keto app grocery list

Once you are satisfied with your meal plan, go to the grocery list. Your grocery list is automatically generated from your meal plan.

Browse your fridge and pantry first, and check off any items you already have, then take the list with you to the grocery store to mark off items or print it if you prefer.

Additional features:

Tap the info icon next to any grocery item to see what recipe it’s for

Tap the shopping cart icon to buy ingredients directly.

On desktop, go to the Grocery List tab to see your full list, check items off, add items, or print for later.

Easy Keto Meal Plans grocery list

Step 3: Easy Keto Cooking, With Optional Meal Prep

Easy keto app meal prep

Once you have your groceries, head over to the Meal Prep tab. You don’t have to meal prep, but most Wholesome Yum app subscribers choose to do at least some meal prep.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the options here – we offer meal prep ideas for EVERY recipe where it’s possible, but it doesn’t mean you have to meal prep it all.

Start with just meal prepping lunch, which is where many of us need the most time savings. Then, if you want to meal prep a breakfast to enjoy throughout the week, OR if you want to do some chopping or prepping for upcoming dinners, you can do some of those. It’s completely up to you!

On desktop, the meal prep tab shows all the same meal prep instructions — it syncs automatically with your mobile device, and vice versa.

Easy Keto Meal Plans meal prep

Step 4: Download or Print Your Plan (Optional)

Easy keto app plan download and print

You don’t have to print your meal plan, but we offer the convenient option to download it as a PDF to print or keep.

On mobile, tap the 3 dots in the top right corner of your meal plan page to download or send the plan to your email.

When you tap the Download PDF option, you’ll get a complete printable PDF with meal plan, grocery list, and recipes for the week.

On desktop, just click the “Save & Print” button for the same options as mobile, plus the option to print a paper plan.

EasyKetoMealPlans Save&Print

Overview Of The Meal Plan & Key App Features:

You can customize meal plans as much or as little as you like. But to begin, we create a meal plan for you with the following principles and features.

EasyKetoAppTutorial trackmacros

Choosing Your Plan:

When you first login, you’ll see your curated meal plan for the week. Select Individual for a meal plan for one person, or Family for a family of 4.

The default date is the current week, but you can use the calendar to select a past week if you were subscribed before this week, or the following week on Thursdays.

Lunch & Dinner:

We include lunch and dinner in the plan to start. Lunch and dinner are approximately 12-20g net carbs combined, leaving you room for breakfast and snacks based on your goals and needs. Each individual meal in our curated plans is typically 5-10g net carbs.


Breakfast is a hot topic among keto followers, ranging from intermittent fasting, keto coffee, or a full meal. We leave it up to you.

You get a breakfast meal prep idea each week up in the top right corner, and you can fill in the weekdays with it at the click of a button. You can also search dozens of other breakfast recipes, as described under Customizing Your Meal Plan below.

Wholesome Yum app meal prep view.

Meal Prep & Leftovers:

Recipes in your meal plan are conveniently labeled with “meal prep” and “leftovers” tags.

The “meal prep” tag simply means that you have an option to meal prep this recipe, either by batching or by preparing some components ahead of time. This is not required at all, but can save you time if you choose to take advantage of it. You can see full instructions for every recipe in your Meal Prep area.

The “leftovers” tag indicates that this meal is using leftovers from the same meal prepared earlier in the week. We’ll enjoy these a few times a week, because who has time to cook 3 meals a day, every day?! Don’t worry – you’ll still get plenty of variety.

Meal plan customization view.

Customizing Your Meal Plan:

If you don’t like something in the plan, you can customize it with drag-and-drop.

On mobile, You can also swipe right on recipes to change the date and time when they show up on your plan (or delete them). Finally, when browsing recipes, you can tap the plus icon on any dish to decide the date and time when it will display on your plan.

On desktop, simply click the X to remove a recipe you don’t want, and search hundreds of recipes to find something else you like. Browse by category or ingredient or simply search. And then drag it over to your meal plan. Customize as much or as little as you like!

If you want to have 2 recipes for a meal, such as a soup and salad or entree and side dish, click the “add another” button (or plus sign icon on mobile) to add a spot to add another recipe to the same meal for the same day. You can also do this with individual foods, such as a serving of berries.

Wholesome Yum app recipes view.

To View Recipes:

All recipes in Wholesome Yum meal plans are included completely ad-free.

Just click or tap on any recipe to view it. You’ll get the ingredients, instructions, storage instructions, and full nutrition information. You can even click or tap on the ingredient names to purchase ingredients online.

To Add Custom Recipes:

If you have your own recipes you want to add, you can use the Add Custom Recipe feature. We ask that you please respect recipe authors and don’t enter other blogger recipes without their permission, but this is a great place for your own or family recipes, so that you can include them in your meal plan.

After you create a recipe, it will be available here in the right column, under the My Custom Recipes heading.

Wholesome Yum app favorites section.

Favorite Recipes:

Save well-loved recipes to your own favorites list β€” which syncs across all your devices. Simply browse recipes and click the heart icon on the image.

To find your favorite recipes, click the recipes icon and then scroll across the top and click on Favorites. The recipes you β€œhearted” will appear there.

Wholesome Yum app macros view.


Macros are macronutrients in your food – fat, protein, and carbohydrates. You’ll see macro icons next to each recipe – hover over these to see that recipe’s macros.

To see how your plan stacks up against your macros, head over to the Macro Tracker. This is a personalized tool that will help you to keep track of the calories, net carbs, fat, protein and even ounces of water that you have consumed that day. This allows you to make sure you do not exceed your allotted macros each day. For it to work, you’ll need to set up your own macros in the My Macros area (link at the top of the app), and we provide a built-in macro calculator to calculate them for you.

Customize button Wholesome Yum app.

Customizing A Recipe:

Easily scale serving sizes, quantity, and swap recipe ingredients. Any customization you do to a recipe automatically updates your nutrition facts and grocery list.

To customize a recipe, click on the recipe you want to customize, and then click the customize icon. From there, you can change the serving size, quantity, or change ingredients. You can even replace recipe photos.

If you want to replace or change an ingredient, simply click the 3 dots on the right hand side of the ingredient. Hit edit, replace, or delete to change it to another ingredient.


Need More Help?

Head to the Help Center here to get more help.

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